Dr. Leslie S. Libow



  • Graduated from James Madison High School 1951
  • Graduated from Brooklyn College in January 1954 (Phi Beta Kappa)
  • The Chicago Medical School (1954-1958)  John J. Sheinin Award for “First in Class” academically
  • NIH-National Institutes of Health; Bethesda, Md. 1960 -1963; original 2 year contract extended to three years; laboratory of Seymour Kety, MD included  “section chiefs”  Louis Sokoloff, MD and Julius Axelrod, Ph.D (Nobel Prize in Physiology)
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Medicine and of Geriatrics-1982 –1990, and Greenwall Professor of Geriatrics 1990 to 2010; Clinical Professor of Geriatrics and of Medicine; 2010 to the present


Started the first geriatric fellowship at City Hospital Center (a Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliate) in New York in 1966. It was  America’s first “Board Approved” Residency and Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine. The Residency Fellowship in Geriatrics preceded this medical school program and served as a stimulus and model for the medical student training. This was followed by new and needed Geriatrician training programs at Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Michigan etc. to a total of 20 such programs now producing about 100 Geriatricians per year within our nation. These Geriatricians helped develop new programs at teaching hospitals, state and city and Federal hospitals, etc. while rendering care to elderly persons. All of these “Fellows” graduated from medical school at least 3 years before beginning their Fellowship in Geriatrics.

Created the new use of selected nursing home beds by converting staff and admitting criteria to focus on recently hospitalized patients now requiring time in rehabilitation programs. These new units came to be called “sub-acute” units, and there are now huge numbers of such units throughout our nation.

Authored or co-authored three books focused on Geriatric Medicine.

Published more than 100 articles in “peer-reviewed” medical journals.

Developed the clinical and medical teaching component for the innovative full Department of Geriatrics and Adult Development at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (created in 1982)  aimed solely at medical students and beginning with their first year of medical school following graduation from college.

Honors and Awards

  • The Donald Kent Annual Award for Health Sciences from the Gerontological Society of America 1980
  • The Nascher-Manning Award in the field of Geriatrics from the American Geriatrics Society 1987
  • Recipient of various grants, totaling in $6,675,000 including the Zicklin Family Fund and the Leir Charitable Trust

Articles Highlighting Dr. Libow’s Achievements

“‘Enlightened Clinical Care’ Is Still Cornerstone of Geriatrics” leslie-libow-article